General Questions

How do I get it looking like the demo?

First make sure that you have the page type correctly set to Home. If you are still having problems, many of the themes have specific instructions that you can find from the marketplace.

What if my concrete5 doesn't have the page type "Home"?
Go to the "Themes" page in the dashboard, and then click "Inspect" next to the theme, and then click "Ok".

Is feature x or y coming?
Maybe. We are always looking to innovate, but we can't add every possible feature. We believe in making our themes a strong, simple foundation that is easy to built of off. 

Can I request a feature?
Definitely. Send us an email.

I love this theme/add-on, how can I express my thanks?
Aw thanks. Leave us a kind review at, send us an email, and/or tell your friends about us.

Where can I get support?
Try reading through the theme support documentation and/or the tutorials. If you are still stuck, you can submit a support ticket via the concrete5 marketplace.

What kind of license do the themes have?

We use the concrete5 Commercial Add-on License.

Support Policy

First Steps

  1. Before requesting support, please read the documentation for your theme, as well as the general support faqs and tutorials. Most questions have already been asked and answered.
  2. If you are still do not have an answer, then send submit a support ticket via the concrete5 marketplace. Please include the version of concrete5 that you are using, a link to your site, and detailed information about the problem that you are experiencing and the steps you have taken.


We will try to help you to the best of our ability, but we cannot guarantee comprehensive support for concrete5 itself or for 3rd party add-ons. Requests for features that are not currently a part of the theme or add-on can be made by contacting us.


We regularly check for support requests and most questions should be answered within 24hrs.